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About G-Loot

The leaders in casual esports

The days when competitive gaming was restricted to large-scale offline tournaments are over. With more than 2.6 billion gamers in the world, and an increasing number of amateur streamers and aspiring professionals, the old methods are no longer sustainable.

G-Loot brings esports to everyone, whether they dream of competing at the top level or simply want to play with friends. With a multi-platform approach, and a wide variety of supported games, G-Loot lets each gamer shape their esports experience.

120 employees based in Stockholm

G-Loot was founded in Sweden, in 2015 with the dream of helping everyone, not just professional players, earn money from competitive gaming. We now have over 120 team members from more than 20 different countries, enabling us to draw on a wealth of professional experience across a wide variety of sectors.

At G-Loot, we're actively working to promote diversity and inclusivity in esports. Want to join one of the most exciting workplaces in Stockholm? Visit our careers page to connect with us.

Frank Ericson

Frank Ericson

[email protected]

Chief Commercial Officer