Introducing GLL grade tournaments

Introducing GLL grade tournaments

To celebrate the successful introduction of the GLL Grade System, we will be hosting grade-specific tournaments where players of certain ranks will be able to participate and be grouped up with teams and players of similar skill levels.  On top of this, we’re offering you a discount on our premium service which will be $0.99 until the 20th of April! 

So make sure to try out premium while the offer lasts. Don’t forget, the longer you’re a premium member, the cooler your premium badge will become!

Our Grade Tournaments will allow teams of a specific grade to join and compete against others of similar skill. It’ll be a tougher challenge, but we hope that it will be much more worthwhile! Apart from tournaments where teams qualify directly, this will be the first skill requirement online tournament on GLL, so make sure to try your best to Grade up so that you can enter!

Registrations for the tournament will start in mid-April, to give you enough time to sharpen those grades and enable you to participate in this skill-based entry tournament!

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