G-Loot overlay, because
the game comes first

G-Loot overlay, because the game comes first

Competitive gaming isn’t just about talent. You need the drive to keep pushing yourself to greater heights. The G-Loot overlay helps you motivate yourself right where you need it: in your game.

Designed for peak performance

Designed for peak

G-Loot is an official Overwolf app for PC, which means it has to meet strict performance standards. The overlay is small and lightweight, so it doesn’t interfere with your gaming experience, it just gives you the motivation you need to keep getting better.

0-3% of cpu/gpu usage

Instant esports

A whole new way to compete

Unlike traditional esports tournaments, with G-Loot challenges you don’t need to form a team and join a server with your opponents. Instead, the G-Loot app tracks your in-game data and uses that to determine your score. That means no more waiting, you can join challenges instantly from in your game.

Instant esports
G-Loot Missions


Play whenever you like and unlock rewards. Bring purpose to your gaming and sharpen your skills with daily missions.


Show off your skills in the Weekly Brawls. Climb the leaderboard against other G-Loot players and claim prizes. Play like you always do but with something extra to fight for!

G-Loot Brawls
Unlock your potential,
unlock the whole experience.
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Rewards made
for gamers

Turn your passion for gaming into rewards

Motivate yourself and make your gaming time even more worthwhile. The more you game, the more rewards you unlock.

Rewards made for gamers
G-Loot shop

G-Loot Shop

Earn coins as you play with G-Loot and spend them in the store. Will you invest in some new gaming gear or treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on?

All your stats
at a glance

Click. Play. Track.

G-Loot makes it easy to track your stats across a variety of games. Run the G-Loot app while you play, we take care of the rest. See where you are improving and what you still need to work on.

All your gaming stats at a glance

A unique identity

There are thousands of gamers out there but none of them play quite like you do. Find out what sets you apart from the rest.

Forge your own path

Your kills, wins, headshots, and more are all recorded and used to build up your esports identity and unlock achievements.

A fun & secure
place to compete!

Esports should be safe and enjoyable for everyone, and that requires everyone to play fairly. We constantly work to improve our security and we have a zero tolerance policy towards players who exploit the system.

Behavioral analysis

We’ve partnered with Anybrain to detect cheating faster and more accurately.

Powered by humans

Our in-house Player Success team works tirelessly to investigate suspicious activity and put things right.

Privacy protected

The G-Loot app only tracks your game data, nothing else.

A fun and secure way to compete
G-Loot Employee

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If you have any questions about using G-Loot, check out the How It Works page or contact customer support.

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