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Teamwork, strategy, and pure skill.

Choose your team and immerse yourself in the competitive world of Counter-Strike.

A long esports legacy

CS:GO has been one of the main esports titles of the past decade thanks to its combination of lightning-fast decisions and tactical precision. With G-Loot, you can explore various ways to play and hone your skills through Missions and leaderboards.

Compete in CS:GO esports your way

With so many different tactics, CS:GO suits a lot of different types of players. G-Loot is also designed to provide a great all-round esports experience. There are different solo Missions to complete while you play and leaderboards to climb to show off your skills.

Stat tracking to help you improve

CS:GO has one of the most exciting esports scenes of all time. To compete in the big leagues, you'll need to learn what you do well and where you can improve. Run the G-Loot Tracker while you play your games and you'll be able to track your stats automatically so you can see how you perform.

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Why play CS:GO with G-Loot?

At first glance, CS:GO may look like a simple game but there's a lot of nuance and skill required. To really master it and start playing competitively, you'll need to put in plenty of training. With G-Loot you can make the most of every game by earning rewards, competing against other players, and tracking your stats.

  • Track your stats across some of the world's best PC games just by running the G-Loot app while you play.

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G-Loot is a great way to motivate yourself and get more out of your favorite games.

Why limit yourself to just one esports game?

G-Loot supports a variety of competitive games, and the more you play, the more the rewards. Track your stats and compete in a range of different titles with G-Loot now!