What's under
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In simple terms, when you run G-Loot and start playing a supported game, G-Loot starts “listening” for certain game events. These events are used to compute your stats and competition results.

That’s it. Because all G-Loot is doing is listening for your game events, it can be very lightweight and doesn’t affect your game performance.

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Create an account and install the G-Loot app on your gaming PC.

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Play your first match

Play any of our supported games with the G-Loot app running. The G-Loot icon will appear in the corner of your screen so you know it’s running. You can adjust the positioning of the icon or even hide it if you want to.

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Check out your stats

As soon as you’ve played your first game, your stats will start appearing on your profile page. You’re already on your way to improving your skills.

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Start competing

Choose an esports experience that suits your style and schedule. Complete Missions automatically while you play or compete against other G-Loot players in the Weekly Brawl.

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Our most common questions

Do you have a question about G-Loot? Please contact us! We would love to answer your questions.

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If you have any questions about using G-Loot, check out the How It Works page or contact customer support.

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